Business Overview

Business overview

We have two large business divisions. Internet Services Business and Procurement Business.

Internet Services Business

NexG is a global carrier with a strong backbone of network, owned facilities, and operations support for customers in Los Angeles.Combining the latest technology and responsive customer support with direct connections to the world’s most efficient telecommunications systems, NexG is providing superior savings and quality to businesses and consumers who need to be connected to within U.S and beyond.
For businesses in U.S, NexG delivers excellent value in international communications by providing the combination of network, key operations support like our Global Network Management Center and proximity to NexG through our international gateway switches and points of presence. With state-of-the-art information and network support systems, NexG technology and people provides our customers the quality and assurance required for today’s mission critical global telecommunications applications.
For Small, Medium and Home Office Businesses, NexG has a suite of services designed to meet your needs. Whether it’s low long distance rates, data & access services, server hosting or high speed connections, we will work with you to design a solution to make your business more efficient.

Electronics Procurement Business

In the fall of 2011 was the launch of the electronics and electrical parts supply division. Long involved with numerous hardware development projects, Network Expert Group established strong business ties with over 350 manufacturers and their authorized vendors, the majority of which are the internationally renowned makers in telecommunication devices and micro-electronics apparatus. This positive relationship makes us possible to locate and deliver virtually any parts and products you are looking for