IP Transit

IP transit Network

NexG is committed to deliver high quality Tier 1 IP transit and colocation services to customers nationwide at competitive price.

NexG stands for quality service and we are dedicated to bring out the best of the best through careful selections in multilateral partnership agreements we have placed with our strategic partners.

NexG Will provide you with access to direct networks with lower latency and fewer hops for optimal connection all over the world.

  • International Network – Has strengths in Asia
  • Highly Avilable Long Haul Line – Redundant paths
  • Copper / Fiber Internet Connections – Any kind of interface supported

Find comfort by getting your answers to your questions and we are here to meet your requirements and needs related to colotion, bandwidth, data center management, network architecture, and consulting services from NexG. For more questions, please contact our sales associates at 213-487-1500 or support@nexg.com.