Bonding Plus

Bonding Plus internet service

  • Aggregate any type of lines
  • Able to add different lines to exiting service
  • Full use of combined bandwidth
  • Infinite scalability through your choice of connection
  • NexG is the only ISP providing full bonding service
Nexg Bonding Plus internet service

Your Choice is unlimited

  • T1 + DSL
  • DSL + DSL
  • DSL + Cable
  • T1 + DSL + DSL
  • T1 + DSL + Cable
  • T1 + T1 + DSL + Cable…
Any combination you can
imagine as your company grows
Our unique Smart Equalizer™ technology constantly monitors available bandwidth of each line and put the optimal number of packets through each service line. Thus, the reduction in internet speed bottlenecked by lower speed link is completely eliminated. Also, the embedded WAN Compression is available to boost the uploading speed up to 170% of normal speed.

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