VForce NMS


A powerful monitoring tool with integrated remote management system in real-time basis which includes network status, traffic usage, CPU memory usage rate, RTT, Packet Loss, Session and much more

Main Functions
  • Integrated control : enables to control a number of remote equipments in a integrated manner.
  • Networking maintenance : maintains the registered information on the equipments and lines of the
    entire headquarters/branches and manages allocated IPs.
  • Monitoring : monitors the lines in real time (provides topology maps).
  • Equipment performance management : inquires the system information including the usage of CPU and
    memory, and reports the statistical data on performance through constant collection and analysis of system information.
  • Line traffic control : check in real time traffic information across all the lines.
  • Fault management : records the history of faults and reports the statistical data of fault history.
  • Security management : manages user accounts and user-specific authorities, maintains firewall policy
    and batches a number of remote equipments.
  • Reporting : collects line-specific traffic, equipment-specific performance and fault history (to Excel).
  • Configuration Backup : automatic backs up the configuration files of all the equipments registered.
NEXG VForce NMS Spec
Items VForce NMS 3000 VForce NMS 2000 VForce NMS 1000
Configuration Exclusive Hardware / Software Exclusive Hardware / Software Exclusive Hardware / Software
O / S NexG O/S (VOS 3.x) NexG O/S (VOS 3.x) NexG O/S (VOS 3.x)
CPU Xeon Xeon Conroe E2220
Main Memory 8GB 4GB 1GB
Size 1U 1U 1U