IT Consulting

IT Consulting

The majority of fast growing organizations and startups struggle with choosing the right IT strategy. The key to success doesn’t solely lie on how much IT knowledge you can be helped with, but how deeply your business operation and the people involved are understood in order to formulate the right solution.

Network Expert Group believes simply implementing the best technology available is not always the best way to yield the best result. It should be the just right solution that helps you continue to prosper. That’s why we always starts with thoroughly understanding how your business process is conducted and how your people carry out the process.

IT Network Design and Construction
Without a team of IT experts, designing and building the right IT infra structure that best serves your organization seem to be a mission impossible. NexG will walk you through, so you can get the most out of the least investment. From designing to device selection and system implementation, our cost conscious experts will find you the best mix of your requirement.

Equipment Selection
Decision on IT hardware is always mind-boggling. With one wrong decision may lead your organization to disastrous result along with financial loss. NexG can help you with choosing the right hardware that is future proof. We also offer a cost-effective device lease program for you to reduce the initial cost and the risk of investment.

Security Management
You data and resources are exposed to constant threats. Once valuable information is stolen, the result can be cost prohibitive. NexG establishes a protection around your system to protect against attacks and continuously monitors the integrity of your resources to prevent uninvited intrusion. Best of all, your security is monitored 24/7 by our dedicated engineers.

IT System Transfer and Relocation
Moving your IT resources to a new location is a challenging task. A small misstep can leave you with disconnected IT system that can create havoc in your business operation. With careful planning in timely fashion from the smallest details as network cabling and power requirement calculation to system re-configuration, NexG will provide a smooth transition.

For companies coming to the states to operate a business or simply to increase its presence, they often face the challenges from cultural and social differences. From website conversion and product development to making promotional materials and scripting instructional manuals, our specialists with years of experience can narrow the gap for you.

Regulatory Compliance
Various government agencies strictly regulate all business practices in IT industry Failure to comply often results in heavy fines and lost licenses. NexG’s FCC specialist and tax code analyst can guide you through how to meet the demanding regulatory requirement, so you can safely conduct the core scope of your business.