Security Services

What is Security Service
NEXG Colocation

Today’s security threats come from many sources. Traditionally, security threats come only from outside of your network. The main protection implementation was built around defending external attacks. However, the internal risks became so threatening as the external vulnerability, it cannot be ignored anymore.

NexG security service constantly looks after your network around the clock to shield your system against all known security threats coming from outside and to safeguard your system resources from being breached by the internal vulnerability.

Inside Management
  • Shortage of professional operations
  • Practical experience in the field / Lack of ability to cope with crisis
  • Lack of experience, an incident response -> Lack of ability to cope with crisis
  • holidays and night operations staff an incident response
  • Take advantage of the many specialized operating personnel
  • Analysis and acquisition of the latest attack techniques
  • Effective crisis experienced by
  • 365 days and 24 Hours Security Monitoring
Security Monitoring Service
  • Difficulty in designing an effective security system
  • Verification difficulties for the solution
  • Require integrated security management system
  • Expensive cost of the security system purchase
  • Security system maintenance and upgrade costs
  • By the accumulated experience of experts in the efficient design
  • Experience with a variety of solutions for effective verification
  • Integrated security management system linked to the remote
  • Available low-cost supplier of security systems and
  • Security system upgrades and signature updates
Service Information
Service Type Note
24 Hours /365 Day Security Monitoring Real-time Monitoring and Emergency response
Hot Call 24 Hour Call Service
Specialist Engineer Dedicated engineer assigned by customer
Support Security Solution Users, Policy-based security solutions
Periodic training Regular operating engineer training