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Internet is ubiquitous. No business can succeed without cultivating strong presence online. As the internet service and system provider at the front line, we understand how critical it is to you to have a reliable connection.We thrive on the thought that our relentless pursuit for perfection brings about the prosperity of our clients. Come and see how we can help you construct the most reliable, yet cost-effective, way to be wired with the future of connected world.



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Network Expert Group inc.aka NexG is alternative telecommunications service provider in California.
NexG offers a wide selection of consumer and business telecommunications services
available nationwide including Internet, Long Distance, VoIP, Hosting, Managed Services and Enterprise IP Telephony.
NexG is the next generation ISP and equipment manufacturer offering high-end VPN and security solutions
All-in-One solutions combined with VPN, Firewall, Load Balancer, Qos ,UTM, and internet Bonding.
Experience the highest level of technology and its performance at NexG.

Network Hub and Cable


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Internet should not be a luxury that demands your special attention and time. It should be a mere technological tool that leads your organization to reach its full potential. Let us deal with all the work behind to manage a fault-free internet system, so that you can focus on the core strength of your business


Operating an information data center is a demanding task. A substantial investment on equipment is prerequisite accompanied by highly skilled operators supporting. Established well managed data center, we now offer information hosting services for you to take advantage of the trouble-free facility.


As no two human are the same, each organization requires a different approach when it comes to internet need. NexG offers the variety of services that fit your bill and requirement. Yet, the best part of all the services we provide is that they can still be custom tailored to meet a particular need of your organization.


NexG is Spectrum Business Partner. We resale Spectrum solutions and managed service providers with the opportunity to connect with more customers and build connectivity into your portfolio.

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