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IT Consulting: Services


The majority of fast growing organizations and startups struggle with choosing the right IT strategy. The key to success doesn’t solely lie on how much IT knowledge you can be helped with, but how deeply your business operation and the people involved are understood in order to formulate the right solution.
Network Expert Group believes simply implementing the best technology available is not always the best way to yield the best result. It should be the just right solution that helps you continue to prosper. That’s why we always starts with thoroughly understanding how your business process is conducted and how your people carry out the process.


IT outsourcing service is to have all or part of its IT resources managed by a outsourced specialist. Some services commonly rendered by the specialist are user computers management, servers administration, file and/or web server operation, disaster prevention and recovery, and security deployment. Through relying on the expertise of IT specialist, an organization is able to focus on the core strength of its own business.

So many available options to choose from, it is quite perplexing for anyone to make a decision when it comes to selecting network appliances. Prices vary from one extreme to the other. And so are their performance and capacity. Subtle miss judgment makes a world of difference. Too little would wreak havoc on your network performance while too much would make a serious dent on your wallet.

With balanced approach in mind, NexG can build a custom tailored system just for you to bring out the most capability at minimal cost. Our experienced network engineers also understand the performance of equipment can’t be utilized to its full extent on a poorly designed network topology. Our experts pay painstaking attention to the complete structure of your network along with details down to each node in order to engineer the most effective network for you.


Today’s security threats come from many sources. Traditionally, security threats come only from outside of your network. The main protection implementation was built around defending external attacks. However, the internal risks became so threatening as the external vulnerability, it cannot be ignored anymore.
NexG security service constantly looks after your network around the clock to shield your system against all known security threats coming from outside and to safeguard your system resources from being breached by the internal vulnerability.

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